Meet Sharron Lowe, DSA Digital Conference & Motivational Guest Speaker

Global Success Coach and Author, Sharron Lowe, partners with DSA companies to grow the success mindset of entrepreneurs and business owners.

The Future Of Direct Selling is Digital

Digital makes it easy to book Sharron for a UK or Global conference

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Book Sharron as a conference speaker, where Sharron will deliver a bespoke Mind Makeover experience.

Digital Conference Speaker

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Book Sharron to be your company's regular success coach with on-going webinars and workshops.

Online Success


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​Book Sharron as a guest speaker for your podcast discussing a

Mind Makeover Chapter of your choice.

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Digital Masterclass Speaker

Book Sharron for a Mind Makeover Masterclass of 4 bespoke power chapters of your choice from her book. 

How can your direct selling business 'level up' with Sharron Lowe?

✓ Bespoke 4-6 week Mind Makeover Masterclass Programme

LIVE Mind Makeover Events and Competitions

Mind Makeover Leaders Masterclass

Bespoke Mind Makeover Conference Presentation

Video Success Coaching for your entrepreneurs 

'The Power of Attitude' Workshops and Webinars

Positive Leadership Coaching

Invite Sharron as a Podcast Guest to discuss a winning sales attitude 

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Hear what UK's DSA Vice Chair & FOREVER Country Manager, Bob Parker has to say about Sharron

Forever Living is just one of the DSA companies Sharron Lowe has partnered with and continues to work with.


Sharron presents to both UK and Global conferences where over 40 countries, and thousands of entrepreneurs tune in to just one event!

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The Mail on Sunday’s YOU magazine exclusively launched Sharron’s book with a 4 page spread and to a total readership of over 5 million people.


Editor YOU Magazine “Sharron takes impossible and makes it possible and this book will empower YOU to achieve anything you want”

Embracing Digital with Sharron Lowe

Live Digital Conferences, Webinars and Masterclasses

Zoom Sharron in LIVE for a bespoke Mind Makeover Experience filmed either in studio, company office, or Sharron's fully equipped home office with a professional videographer to bring the energy and passion from a live conference directly into the audiences home.

Interviews and Podcasts

Pre-record or record LIVE interviews and podcasts with Sharron to be in conversation on current topics and bespoke Mind Makeover chapters to grow and increase the performance, recruits and revenue of company entrepreneurs.

Mind Makeover Training Online

Book Sharron for Online Training to increase  performance and results in leadership, goal setting and team building bespoke to your company and growth of your business owners and entrepreneurs.

MindMotivation! 10-Part Online Success Series

Change your thinking, massively increase your positivity and take charge of your number one and greatest asset, your MIND and ATTITUDE.


This 10-part online course, MindMotivation! was created by Sharron to bring success coaching directly to the homes of your business owners. You can use this online course as a competition for your team to inspire and motivate your entrepreneurs.

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