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A Top Event With The Fragrance Shop To Inspire Furloughed Staff

What a wonderful team of Fragrance Consultants, and the field team to share confidence building Mind Makeovers with and all in conversation.

It was honestly SO inspiring to be asked to speak to potentially over 1000 members of staff during lockdown and a different adrenaline as we’re relying on technology!

UK RETAIL is open again!

It's new, it's daunting in some ways and at the same time it's SO exciting and thrilling to be back. A mix of emotions, yet for everyone in Retail it's a whole new journey and I believe travelling this with the best attitude is the No.1 priority for self-care.

Virtual Mind Makeovers are something I never thought I’d be doing, but I’ve honestly been so busy achieving goals via Zoom since #COVID19.

Remember, we can’t always control what happens, but we can certainly control how we THINK and deal with what's happening! I couldn't be on a stage which is where I do my job, yet I could and can reach out by zoom...


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