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Meet Retail Beauty's Global Mind Makeover Coach, Sharron Lowe

For many years Sharron Lowe has been the go-to coach for global luxury brands.


She has coached thousands of people, helping them to make positive changes in how they think, feel and what they believe is possible. In doing so she has transformed the brands and people she works with.

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Conference Speaker

Learn more about your very own superpower - your mind! You're in charge, and YOU can take control of your attitude AND your thinking to turn every experience into a good one.

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Success can be simple if you understand and implement key principles that you'll learn working alongside Sharron during any of her Mind Makeover interactive workshops.

Success Coach + Author

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Digital Content Creator

Lost your sparkle and want to find it? Pockets of Positivity will reignite your joy and fulfilment in every day as a Beauty Consultant! It's touchable! It's doable! It's easy!

Give your team the gift of a Mind Makeover

A mind lift is much better than a face lift, and your mental wellbeing is the key to your team living their best life yet.


Mind Makeover Webinar

The perfect introduction to Mind Makeovers and to get your team thinking beyond their comfort zone and to push their limits. The Mind Makeover Webinar is a 1-hour webinar and includes a Q&A.

Mind Makeover Day

Taking The Mind Makeover Webinar to the next level, with a day of interactive Mind Makeovers, ensuring your team feel fully confident, full of self-belief, and more ready than ever before to take action.

The 1 Month Book Club

Over the course of 4-5 weeks, Sharron will join you to discuss chapters of the bestselling book, The Mind Makeover, to help build positive mindsets, as well as confidence and self-belief within your team.

5 Week Programme

Pockets of Positivity is an immersive online 5-week programme, designed to help consultants get more joy from their day, to find more fulfilment and to build stronger relationships with their customers.

Retail Beauty
Pockets of Positivity
by Sharron Lowe

Success and fulfilment as a Beauty Consultant starts here, with

Working in-store can feel overwhelming, especially when the shop floor isn’t as busy as it used to be. 


The days might feel like they drag, and your team might feel like they're getting nowhere with their customer. Sales don’t seem to be closing, and they feel like they're constantly clock watching until next break or lunch.


Pockets of Positivity can change ALL of this quickly and easily for you, and your team!


For Corporates, Retailers and Brands, please contact for bespoke pricing and discounts.

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Success Coach + Author of The Mind Makeover 

The Mail on Sunday’s YOU magazine exclusively launched Sharron’s book with a 4 page spread and to a total readership of over 5 million people.


Editor YOU Magazine “Sharron takes impossible and makes it possible and this book will empower YOU to achieve anything you want”

Sharron Lowe's FREE 3-part Series for the Retail Beauty  Industry 

What are you doing RIGHT now to lift the spirit of your team, motivate in this unique world we find ourselves in and make sure everyone is performing their best AND most importantly, feeling their best?

I’m seeing a lack of confidence in customer approach, connection and communication, and this hits salesMany consultants are not as confident as they were before the pandemic in building multiple sales, introducing new products and keeping their customers engaged in conversation. 


I began my career in Retail Beauty, it’s in my DNA, it’s my passion. Now, as a speaker and success coach, I’m working globally with beauty brands to address one key issue: Retail Beauty and Consultants personal confidence and attitude.

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