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Meet Sharron

Meet Sharron

About Sharron

Entrepreneur, success coach, bestselling author, and motivational speaker.

Using her extensive knowledge and experience both in the field of business and personal development, Sharron has channelled her immense passion and energy into her first book The Mind Makeover and its success, to date, has been phenomenal with global rights sold and record breaking press coverage.

The Answers You've Been Looking For...

The Mail on Sunday’s YOU magazine exclusively launched Sharron’s book with a 4 page spread and to a total readership of over 5 million people.


Editor YOU Magazine “Sharron takes impossible and makes it possible and this book will empower YOU to achieve anything you want”

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Author. Speaker. Coach.


“It’s simple, Sharron gets outstanding results and she gets them fast!”


- CHANEL Director

Success Coach

“Sharron has the ability to coach 1000’s of people to go far beyond what they EVER thought was possible”


- L’OREAL Director

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