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A brilliantly memorable Retail Beauty shopping experience!

On Monday I posted about a retail beauty shopping experience that, if consistently repeated by many Beauty Consultants, will close retail beauty as we know it.

I was made to feel unimportant as a customer and invisible!

People may forget what you say (which in that case, was nothing) but they will never forget how you made them feel (which in that case, was unimportant)

I shared my experience because I wanted to ignite conversations in the industry we all love and positive changes in attitude and mindset. All success starts here and so does the opposite! I want to start discussions on how we can coach BC’s to thrive and be brilliantly memorable.

I am passionate about turning around attitudes and helping Retail Beauty thrive in this current reality.

SO, I’m thrilled to share another personal experience that happened in a different store in the same week where I had an exceptionally fabulous shopping experience (I bought lots and so did my friend)

Join me, and I’ll walk you through the experience!

I was with my friend and we walked through retail beauty in a department store. I felt a general hesitancy from the BC’s to approach a customer (they were scarce BUT they were there) and a lack of confidence in the air.

I understand this and empathise, yet this energy will not take us where we need to go in retail beauty. I saw one customer self-select Clinique and take it to a till point with zero interaction. Not OK.

I stopped to read a poster at the Charlotte Tilbury counter and my aura was screaming out ‘help me buy something’!

The Beauty Consultant came over to me very quickly and asked, ‘Do you need any help?’ (it’s the only thing I’d change in this experience - and for every single BC reading this, don’t open a conversation with a closed question! EVER).

I generously moved the conversation into flow (not all consumers will do this, so always start with an open rapport style conversation), and within seconds I saw the BC’s confidence switch on like a light bulb and it flowed from there. I was invited to try the brow pencil and the BA (Libby) was delightful and engaging.

We had fun, I learnt some new makeup tricks (not bad after 30 years in the cosmetics industry) and with her in full PPE and with me wearing a mask, I had a ball of a time as I was transformed with smokey eyes and a red lipstick.

The positive energy was contagious, and I witnessed the entire team lift energy and spirits by me (as a customer) having a makeover. My friend was invited to also have her makeup done and between us we bought 6 products. I watched as mine were placed in a branded gift bag with a fragrance spritz on tissue to complete my joy at buying.

A brilliantly memorable experience.

THIS IS HOW to thrive in Retail Beauty.

It's common sense, yet not common practice. Lets together equip all Beauty Consultants not just with product knowledge and sales skills, BUT with something so fundamental that without it the other elements have no power. Its Attitude and Mindset training, how to take control of the single greatest asset we each own… our minds, focus and thoughts.

With our thoughts we create our energy - positive or negative, confident or hesitant, faith or fear, pain or pleasure, joy or worry… Knowing how to take control of our mindset is the greatest skill any brand can equip every member of retail beauty with right NOW.

We don’t have a minute to lose because as we all know, as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow…

We are building our retail beauty future today, one day at a time.

So let's give a big shout-out to all consultants and all brands and let's get in store and shop!


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