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AVON Invited Sharron Lowe To Be Their Conference Keynote Speaker

Speaking for AVON! 🎙

I'm so excited to be speaking for AVON this afternoon for the executive leadership team and entrepreneurs who lead a MASSIVE 100,000+ AVON representatives! ⁣


I am BEYOND excited to share this with you and I wanted to share the power of what ONE phonecall can do and how you never know what's around the corner 🙏🏽

The Mind Makeover reached a potential 100,000+ people! When AVON asked me to be their conference keynote speaker for the Executive leadership team of entrepreneurs, all with independent businesses, who collectively lead a team of over 100,000 AVON ambassadors and that's an awful lot of self empowered and self motivated women.. (and some men 😂)

Feeling grateful to be asked to empower so many!

Just a few weeks ago the big studio booked for filming had to be cancelled because of covid restrictions and the entire conference was managed and delivered digitally.

Thank you to @samwalpole123 for the first call and asking me to speak for AVON and well done to the Top Banana Studio Team for making sure ALL the technical side ran so smoothly from my home office!

‘Ding dong, Avon Calling’, became a British catchphrase...and Avon is now one of the top beauty brands in the country in turnover, and the Number 1 fragrance brand in the world.


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