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Excitement Ahead for Sharron Lowe's Busiest Week in 2020

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

There’s a saying (and I don’t think it’s a Sheffield one, haha) - You know when you’re waiting for a bus and then five come at once… WELL, I feel a little bit like that for the next 5 days! 😂⁣⁣


I’ve got some really exciting things happening over the next 5 days. WOW! I am just SO buzzing.⁣


🖥 Tomorrow I’m speaking at a success day @foreveruk - including an audience of 10k+ entrepreneurs ⁣⁣


🎙 Then off to Manchester to be guest speaker for @fragranceshopuk, I can’t tell you yet what it is, but it has absolutely blown ME away with how creative the company have been! ⁣


📹 I’m then filming THREE virtual #MindMakeover workshops with the wonderful @traceylwoodward in the studio⁣⁣


🙌🏽 And finally straight into another digital conference for 40 countries for The World Media Congress, and this time I’m joining 80+ Global Speakers!⁣ @fippworld

I think I’ll lie down on day 6! 😂⁣

Feeling very Mind Makeover blessed!


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