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Christmas at Centrepoint

My heart was deeply touched yesterday (and a few tears) by the power of good. It's been 25 years creating Xmas presents at Centrepoint with Jo Fairley and the Make A Difference awesome team, and there have been many Mind Makeover workshops over the years in Centrepoint hostels.

These presents really do make a difference on Xmas morning at Centrepoint.

A very big part of the Christmas appeal and the reason we do what we do and why so many brands generously donate products and the team donate time is that, on Christmas Morning, we show the young women Centrepoint that WE CARE.

Showing kindness and HOPE, because for some this will be the only gift they will receive. This hope and care can trigger positive change, resilience and courage. It is so much more than a goodie bag and a pressie, it's a bag that's got CARE, HOPE and LOVE sprinkled inside it and it's a bag that says you're not on your own. For many, that's part of the whole recipe that gives them the courage to start and build a new life.

It’s a day to count our blessings every single one!

Thank you to the amazing generosity of brands including Chantecaille Beauté, Heathcote & Ivory, MUA cosmetics, ELEMIS, Weleda, Aspects Beauty, KGA Beauty PR, ELF Cosméticos Pro, Dr.PAWPAW

Also a huge thanks to: British Beauty Blogger, The PR Studio, Pure PR London for rolling up their sleeves!


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