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COPRA Retail Beauty Ball

What an amazing Retail Beauty Ball celebrating together in the industry I love and all being together in party 🎉 mood! It always takes me back to starting my career as a beauty consultant in Debenhams of Sheffield and then to be at the ball with 700 industry executives, friends and colleagues and clients, not only celebrating achievements but raising money for Look Good Feel Better charity!

SO special to carry on some of the conversations that started in May at The Savoy at the Copra - Cosmetic & Perfumery Retailers Association Lunch about how we best support beauty consultants, how we support their mental wellness, and how we grow retail success NOW. My entire presentation at the Savoy was focused singularly on the role of our incredible beauty consultants and how we can best support and grow them to achieve success ​in our new retail environment and I LOVE the passion we all feel to be a part of this incredible unique ever changing retail world 🌎

To top all of that, I was dancing! We are a 💃 dancing industry 😂💃 My feet are definitely feeling it today, but absolutely worth it - maybe I should have rethought the 👠 heels 😂

COPRA is a non-profit membership organisation for the cosmetic and perfumery retail industry - it’s an incredible membership group, and they have created a community based on friendship, care and support. I’m so blessed to have been a partner to COPRA for the last 25 years, and to be a part of their programme that recognises beauty consultants all across the UK, and I’m blessed to donate each year a Mind Makeover masterclass where I personally coach the winning consultants.

It’s a partnership that touches my heart and gives me so much fulfilment. What a night 👏🏽 well done, COPRA, awesome night, and well done Look Good Feel Better for raising awareness and money …

I’m still getting over that I didn’t win the raffle prize Chanel handbag 🤣🤣🤣 but how FABULOUS to the lady who did!

LOVE WHAT I DO 🙏 feeling blessed x


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