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COPRA’s Retail Beauty Consultant Awards at The Savoy

Yesterday was a top career day! I’ve supported and been a part of Copra - Cosmetic & Perfumery Retailers Association from the start of my career and to be asked by COPRA to be their Retail Consultant Ambassador is a special honour.

I spoke on stage at The Savoy and presented COPRA’s Retail Beauty Consultant Awards to an audience of over 300 retail beauty executives, colleagues and friends.

I’ve spent my entire career in Retail Beauty. I’ve been a beauty consultant and a UK managing Director, and now I’m a Success Coach and Conference Speaker for many global cosmetic and luxury brands, I’ve coached 1000’s of beauty consultants in over 40 countries.

Yesterday, each winning Retail Beauty Consultant 2022 attended my Mind Makeover Masterclass. As author of The Mind Makeover book, COPRA asked me to create a bespoke Mind Makeover Masterclass for the winning Consultants at the SAVOY as part of their prize, recognition and development. These winners are the Top talent in Retail Beauty and have each delivered the most exceptional performances in store.

Feeling blessed to do what I love! I'm also very excited to be sharing what I've been passionately creating - something Beauty Consultants have been asking me to create for YEARS! More to come next week, make sure to watch this space!


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