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Director of Global Education & Consumer Experience at Bare Minerals Recommends The Mind Makeover

A BIG THANK YOU to Lee Etheridge, Executive Director of Global Education and Consumer Experience at #BareMinerals for recommending The Mind Makeover as her no.1 read and daily go-to book in these unprecedented times to the ENTIRE Global Education Team!

I'm seeing some companies do some great things and I feel that ALL companies and managers have an opportunity in these unique times to support their teams whilst they are at home and furloughed.

It's time to get creative!

For me, I feel the key focus for companies during this period should be on how to keep individuals minds active and healthy. To optimise mental wellness and to strengthen and support their people so they can build up their self-confidence and positivity for when they return to work.

We know the challenges, so let’s focus on solutions to inspire, connect, engage and support our teams and our people.


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