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IG LIVE For COPRA - Mindful Mornings - The Voice Of The Beauty Industry

I’m as excited as a 5 year old to be asked to partner with COPRA and create videos and content on how to navigate these unprecedented times with strength and positivity.

COPRA is one of my life passions in my career as a Success Coach to Beauty brands and the retail industry over many years.

I’m blessed to count many global brands as clients, Estee Lauder, Clinique, Chanel, L’Oreal, Prada... and of course COPRA!

I was planning to give a Mind Makeover Masterclass for this year's COPRA Industry winners, our incredible Beauty Consultants in May which of course is postponed. There’s never been a stronger time for us individually and together to be creative, adaptable and proactive and I hope this year's winners, all Beauty Consultants and everyone in this awesome industry keeps inspired so that when business resumes we are ready to GO having learnt and grown more during this time than we believed possible!


That’s YOUR potential, your employee’s, and those furloughed. Every single one of us.

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented thinking and actions.

For over 25 years, I’ve been a success and business coach and conference speaker for some of the world’s greatest beauty brands and retailers, COPRA members.

I’ve coached thousands of beauty & fragrance consultants, makeup artists and field and national & H/O management to succeed beyond expectations. Together, we’ve smashed performance and added millions in additional sales.

BUT! These same thousands of consultants are not where they should be or wish to be as we are in the midst of pandemic change. Our bricks and mortar stores that we love so much are closed and 1000’s of industry consultants are furloughed.

What an opportunity. We cannot change the pandemic circumstances yet we for sure can change how we think and how we act in these unique times. The challenges we face now are our greatest opportunities (if we view them as such).

I've been approached since my COPRA Q&A live interview by brands and retailers asking for help, and this is what I’m hearing in the conversations; Sharron, How do we keep our greatest business asset – namely our people connected, engaged, motivated and inspired whilst at home and not in the retail stores they love? How do we inspire, grow and develop our people so that they are not ONLY ready to return to work BUT critically, they are ready to return with the right attitude and new skills?

The good news is that Furloughed employees are still able to train, self-develop and educate themselves whilst being furloughed. The key focus during this period should be how to keep individuals minds active and healthy. Optimise Mental Wellness to strengthen and support your people so they shine when they return to work. 

We know the challenges, so let’s focus on solutions to inspire, connect, engage and support our teams and our people. Some clients are doing great things, and it’s time to get creative. Some of the amazing things I’ve been involved with during lockdown are… 

  1. One client started a book club with all furloughed consultants and chose the Mind Makeover, going chapter by chapter to develop the team! How incredible is that?

  2. I’ve done virtual Mind Makeover conferences on ZOOM. One was for UK Businesswomen of the Year 2020 (where I was booked to be a speaker to an audience of 700) We hit ZOOM instead!

  3. Speaking at motivational ZOOM team meetings! Q&A’s, Interviews.

  4. One Global Education team building Mind Makeovers country by country.

We hear the word ‘self-isolate’ constantly yet more and more companies, brands and individuals are choosing to self-improve during lockdown... BRILLIANT!


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