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Invited to speak on The Speaker Show with Maria Franzoni

Honoured to be invited to speak with Maria Franzoni #TheSpeakerShow last week! It is always my pleasure to talk about Mind Makeovers and how we can take control of the greatest thing we own - OUR MIND! I could speak for hours and hours about it and how our thinking empowers us OR disempowers us! It was important for me to share specifically how to handle change, given the unique times we are facing now. We've all gone through a pandemic and "normal" will never look the same again. So, how do we face it? How do we get through change? Do we resist it, or do we embrace it? We also spoke about success strategies, mindset, attitudes, happiness, and of course, The Mind Makeover. Give the full podcast a listen, it could change your day for the better! at - Speakers Associates Ltd


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