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Sharron Features As Guest Speaker on Holland & Barratt Podcast

Another day, another podcast 🎙️ ⁣

Podcasts are new territory for me, and I’ve always loved the saying “When was the last time you did something for the first time?” - I find it thrilling and I love the nervous energy it gives me! ⁣

We’ve all had to find new ways of doing things, and for me as a conference speaker (used to speaking to hundreds or thousands of people at one time) this is NOT my current reality and isn’t possible just YET.⁣

Finding new ways of being creative and still reaching thousands of people with the power of Mind Makeovers to inspire and empower individuals to travel their days and life with confidence and self-belief is MY purpose. I’m so passionate it’s truly in my DNA! ⁣

We ALL need to get creative. We ALL need to get curious. We ALL need to try new things. We have to turn fear of the new, into FUN! ⁣

I’ve done this and I now find technology fun vs. being fearful of it.⁣

What’s the worst that could happen? There’s always a solution if we bring humour in!


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