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Sharron Lowe on Retraining The Mind with Victoria O'Farrell

Sharron was invited to join Victoria on one of her 5minute DISCussions.

“I LOVED our positivity chat, sharing how you can use a Mind Makeover to tune in to your OWN personal internal radio. We ALL have one... is yours positive or negative? Are things possible or impossible for you?”

We are all energy and we can get optimum energy by being very aware of our internal chat and outside influences, which can add to our energy OR drain it! We all have our own thought processes, and what works for one might not work for everyone.

The only important thing is to know what works for YOU?

Watch the full video to hear different ways that you can tune in and TAKE CONTROL of your own voice station, and tune into the most powerful thing you own, your MIND! 🧠 💭


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