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Sharron Speaks All Things Well-Being on The Holland & Barrett Podcast

Really excited to be recording yet another podcast this morning, always kicking off with 30 minutes on the rebounder to get my energy flowing! 😆

One of the biggest shifts for me is not having a live audience, and the incredible energy that comes from human connection - I miss that SO much! ⁣

So many of us are currently working in a virtual world, so finding YOUR way to get those endorphins and feel good emotions flying is important self-care.⁣

FOR ME, nothing beats jumping on the trampoline for 30 minutes!! It gives me the giggles every time 😂 makes me happy and it gives me maximum endorphins, ready to present high energy on the podcast.⁣

I’ll be talking all things #MentalWellBeing for the @hollandandbarrett podcast! ⁣

Thank you #TheRiverGroup for this great opportunity ✨


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