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The Fragrance Shop Take It One Step Further with Everyman Cinema!

TODAY with @fragranceshopuk

Today, I am doing something SO different to what I’ve ever done before and I couldn’t be more excited! I’ve gotten so used to doing online and virtual conferences now, but @fragranceshopuk have taken it one step further! ⁣

People who are not merely surviving, but THRIVING in the pandemic are thinking outside the box. I’ll be in a studio with the team and directors in Manchester, and we’ll have fragrance consultants watching from EIGHT @everymancinema’s in the UK… LIVE!!! How awesome is that!!⁣

Many other fragrance houses are also presenting. I’m so grateful to be speaking alongside the likes of Chanel, Dior and Prada! ⁣

This would have been like a usual conference with thousands of people across the team in the UK, where everyone comes together in one venue. As we all know, this isn’t possible! It's time to get creative and for me as a speaker, @fragranceshopuk has taken creative to GENIUS level!


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