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Theirworld’s Inspirational International Women’s Day Event

One year ago, I was invited by @traceylwoodward to Theirworld’s inspirational International Women’s Day Event, highlighting the inequality in education for young girls and women all around the world. ⁣

Fast forward one year, and the same event was brilliantly put together again - but this time, digitally. Last year, we were surrounded by hundreds of other inspirational women in a London hotel ballroom, and this time we were all brought together by the power of digital. ⁣

Because of the pandemic, we’ve gone backwards not forwards in progressing with women's rights to education. Statistics show that being in lockdown has put a hold on progression for the fight for gender equality, and being stuck in lockdown with homeschooling has seen that there has been more of a strain on young women and girls to take control of the household chores than the boys, and ultimately put the brakes on the positive direction that we were heading toward for gender equality in education. More needs to be done about this and we each have a voice! ⁣

I am left in awe in at the awesome work being done around the world by incredible women connected to this course. ⁣

Virtual @theirworldorg breakfast with @sarahbrownuk@traceylwoodward and the global youth ambassadors calling to action young women across the world for education and equality


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