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Retail Beauty
Pockets of Positivity
by Sharron Lowe

Your Success as a Beauty Consultant starts here, with

Working in-store can feel overwhelming, especially when the shop floor isn’t as busy as it used to be. 


The days might feel like they drag, and you feel like you’re getting nowhere with your customer. Sales don’t seem to be closing, and you feel like you’re constantly clock watching until next break or lunch. 


Does this sound like you?

As a Beauty Consultant, you’re used to giving everyone a Beauty Makeover, but what about a
MIND Makeover for YOU

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Meet Your Superpower

Learn more about your very own superpower - your mind! You're in charge, and YOU can take control of your attitude AND your thinking to turn every experience into a good one.

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Success can be simple if you understand and implement these key principles that you'll learn throughout the 5-week Pockets of Positivity.

Success Is In YOUR Hands

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Find Your Joy Again!

Lost your sparkle and want to find it? Pockets of Positivity will reignite your joy and fulfilment in every day as a Beauty Consultant! It's touchable! It's doable! It's easy!

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With Pockets of Positivity, increasing your joy and success can be simple, quick and easy.

Are you looking for a CHANGE in your day to start making it a success? To enjoy your role as a Beauty Consultant at a whole new level


I’ve worked in the Retail Beauty Industry for 30+ years, and started out in my career as a Beauty Consultant. I loved it. Guess what?! I made the same mistakes you’re making RIGHT NOW, and I want to help YOU make positive changes fast and with ease and speed.


I want to help you get more enjoyment out of your day, to find more fulfilment in your role, and to help you build stronger relationships with your customers.

Do you want to be the BEST version of YOU and find a whole new level of success, joy and fulfilment in your role and day?

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Unlock Lifetime Access

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Get access to Sharron as YOUR Personal Success Coach over the next 5 weeks, along with

motivation in your pocket, tailored to Beauty Consultants!

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Exercise your positivity & confidence muscle with 5 weeks worth of Retail Beauty specific lessons by Sharron, delivered directly to your inbox (accessible via mobile, tablet and PC with one simple click)

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Increase performance in-store and become so memorable that you build your customer relationships and loyalty with ease and speed.

So, would you like Sharron to be YOUR Very Own 
Personal Success Coach?

My greatest blessing is that I’ve worked with thousands of Beauty Consultants, and over the years, many have come up and said “I wish I could pop you in my pocket” - and now you can! 

You, and each and every Beauty Consultant I have met have all inspired me to create a 5-week programme. This programme can be yours! Delivered straight to your inbox, packed with episodes from me as YOUR personal mind success coach. I’ve included exercises to help you put new knowledge into action, and you will receive fresh new content every week, for 5 weeks. It is everything you need to take your confidence, joy and success to the next level in-store, in Retail Beauty.

This is a limited time offer for you to get to unlock your potential and get lifetime access to Pockets of Positivity for just £57!


What's included in your Pockets of Positivity?

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5-Weeks of Online Coaching

Every week, you will receive a brand new video lesson from Sharron, coaching you on a particular area and how to elevate yourself and control your thinking to set you up for success in Retail Beauty.

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Knowledge is nothing without action. Each single lesson concludes with a practical exercise for you to go and implement over the next 7 days, that will help you in creating more success, joy and fulfilment..

Exercises To Take Action

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Email Prompts

To make sure that you don't sign up and forget all about the programme, the programme has plenty of email prompts throughout, meaning that you'll have constant contact with Pockets of Positivity.

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A Personal Success Coach

Over the course of the 5 weeks, you get direct access to Sharron as your personal success coach. You will receive ongoing communication from Sharron, and you can contact her at any time for personal support.

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Take a sneak peek into your

Lesson One

Everyone has the very same, extremely unique, individual superpower - meet yours and understand how it works. Say hello to your mind and attitude and thinking at a whole new level!

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Lesson Three

Whether you like to admit it or not, we ALL have an inner voice. It chats away to us all day long - what's yours saying to you? Is it your friend or is it your enemy voice within?

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Lesson Five

If you've ever wondered how some people seem to stay so positive and motivated, this will be the lesson where the secret gets unveiled!

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Lesson Two

​You might have heard about The Law of Attraction, but maybe you haven't managed to master it yet. For many, it's common sense yet not common practice. After this episode, you'll have everything you need to make it work for you.

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Lesson Four

Learn how to tune into your inner radio station and understand how to pick and choose which thoughts to tap into for the day ahead to create more success, joy and fulfilment as a Beauty Consultant.

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+ More!

Practical exercises to conclude every coaching session, on-going emails + direct access to Sharron as your coach!

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Unlock your Pockets of Positivity with Unlimited, Lifetime Access for just £57!


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