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Meet Retail Beauty's Global Success Coach, Sharron Lowe

Sharron Lowe is the go-to Conference Speaker and Success Coach for Global Luxury Beauty Brands, and the Retail Industry.


Sharron is Author of The Mind Makeover and has been named by the press as ‘the Success Coach who adds £millions to beauty brands!’

Testimonial: "We booked Sharron as keynote speaker at our Beauty Consultants conference. Why? because she fully ‘gets’ retail beauty and Beauty Consultants ‘get’ her. Watching her move an audience from good to phenomenal is genius. 2 weeks later we broke all company records in the flagship accounts and hit our highest sales results EVER! And in these challenging times." UK Country Director, Luxury Retail Beauty 

Introducing Retail Beauty
Pockets of Positivity, by
Sharron Lowe

A 5-week programme, delivered straight to the inbox of your team, packed with video episodes from Sharron as THEIR personal mind success coach.


The programme also includes exercises to help consultants put new knowledge into action, and they will receive fresh new content every week, for 5 weeks.


It is everything consultants need to take their confidence, joy and success to the next level in-store, in Retail Beauty.

This is a limited offer for you to get to unlock your potential and get lifetime access to Pockets of Positivity for just £57.

For Corporates, Retailers and Brands, please contact for bespoke pricing and discounts.

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What's Included?

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5-Weeks of Online Coaching

Every week, you will receive a brand new video lesson from Sharron, coaching you on a particular area and how to elevate yourself and control your thinking to set you up for success in Retail Beauty.

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Knowledge is nothing without action. Every single lesson concludes with a practical exercise for you to go and implement over the next 7 days, that will help you in creating more success.

Exercises To Take Action

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Email Prompts

To make sure that you don't sign up and forget all about the programme, the programme has plenty of email prompts throughout, meaning that you'll have constant contact with Pockets of Positivity.

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A Personal Success Coach

Over the course of the 5 weeks, you get direct access to Sharron as your personal success coach. You will receive ongoing communication from Sharron, and you can contact her at any time for personal support.

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Retail Beauty
Pockets of Positivity
by Sharron Lowe

Success as a Beauty Consultant starts here, with

Working in-store can feel overwhelming, especially when the shop floor isn’t as busy as it used to be. 


The days might feel like they drag, and you feel like you’re getting nowhere with your customer. Sales don’t seem to be closing, and you feel like you’re constantly clock watching until next break or lunch.


Pockets of Positivity can change ALL of this quickly and easily for you, and your team!


For Corporates, Retailers and Brands, please contact for bespoke pricing and discounts.

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Conference Speaker

Learn more about your very own superpower - your mind! You're in charge, and YOU can take control of your attitude AND your thinking to turn every experience into a good one.

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Success can be simple if you understand and implement these key principles that you'll learn throughout the 5-week Pockets of Positivity.

Success Coach + Author

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Digital Content Creator

Lost your sparkle and want to find it? Pockets of Positivity will reignite your joy and fulfilment in every day as a Beauty Consultant! It's touchable! It's doable! It's easy!

To grow your business and partner with Sharron

Book Sharron as a Conference Speaker

Sharron Lowe is one of the most influential and successful conference speakers and motivation coaches in the UK, working alongside Global Brands, offering bespoke content. 

A passionate speaker, with 30+ years experience in the Retail Beauty industry, Sharron partners with brands to speak at both live and digital conferences, covering the UK, European and Global markets.

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Book Sharron as your Company/Brand Retail Beauty Success Coach

Brand Specific Success Coaching, where Sharron dives into the heart of your brand, your systems and your world to coach your retail teams to reach their full potential in performance and results.

Sharron is highly experienced in coaching people and brings a great passion to her work creating bespoke, brand specific webinars and workshops for Head Office Teams, Field Retail Management Teams, Training Teams and Beauty Consultants within the Retail Beauty industry to skyrocket performance in store in both customer service performance and retail sales. 

All coaching is tailored specifically to each individual brand's culture, aims and objectives.

Book Sharron as a Digital Course
Content Creator

To reach as many people in the Retail Industry, Sharron Lowe has also created digital + online courses, such as her Pockets of Positivity, an online video based programme, and her globally sold online 10-part series 'MindMotivation'.

During the pandemic, 'MindMotivation' was purchased by over 42 countries, for hundreds of team members within Retail Beauty, including Head Office & Training Managers. Since then, Sharron has worked on creating more specific Retail Beauty Specific Content for brands who want to help elevate the performance and  success of their Beauty Consultants via bespoke programmes..

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confspeake retail
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Success Coach + Author of The Mind Makeover 

The Mail on Sunday’s YOU magazine exclusively launched Sharron’s book with a 4 page spread and to a total readership of over 5 million people.


Editor YOU Magazine “Sharron takes impossible and makes it possible and this book will empower YOU to achieve anything you want”

Sharron Lowe's FREE 3-part Series for the Retail Beauty  Industry 

What are you doing RIGHT now to lift the spirit of your team, motivate in this unique world we find ourselves in and make sure everyone is performing their best AND most importantly, feeling their best?

I’m seeing a lack of confidence in customer approach, connection and communication, and this hits salesMany consultants are not as confident as they were before the pandemic in building multiple sales, introducing new products and keeping their customers engaged in conversation. 


I began my career in Retail Beauty, it’s in my DNA, it’s my passion. Now, as a speaker and success coach, I’m working globally with beauty brands to address one key issue: Retail Beauty and Consultants personal confidence and attitude.

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